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Officer Sade Pointer   Dubuque Police Department   2020 Iowa DOT

Officer Sade Pointer was hired with the Dubuque Police Department in 2015 and graduated later that year from the ILEA (class of 265!) Officer Pointer served as a patrol Officer until August of 2020 when she was selected as a School Resource Officer. Officer Pointer attended DARE Iowa training in October of 2020 and will be conducting class talks and assisting the lead DARE Officer in teaching the local 5th graders. Officer Pointer serves as an instructor in Rapid Deployment, Defensive Tactics, and Firearms. She is also a member of the Tactical Entry Team.

Officer Brandon Gudenkauf  Dubuque Police Department   2020 Iowa DOT

Officer Brandon Gudenkauf has been employed by the

Dubuque Police Department since 2014. In August of 2020,

Officer Gudenkauf was selected as the Elementary School

Resource Officer for the community’s 15 elementary schools.

Officer Gudenkauf handles all calls for service in the

elementary schools, and participates in class talks which

include teaching the DARE elementary curriculum having

attended the Dare Iowa Training in October 2020.

Officer Gudenkauf also serves as a Field Training Officer, an

ASP expandable baton instructor, a member of the Mobile

Field Force Unit, and a member of both the department 

and citywide peer support team.


Email:   bgudenka@cityofdubuque.org

Deputy Caleb Jans   Greene County Sheriff's Office


Deputy Caleb Jans began his Law Enforcement Career on January 13th, 2017 with the Jefferson Police Department. He completed his D.A.R.E. Officer training in September 2018. Caleb then was hired by the Greene County Sheriff's Office. Deputy Jans became interested in D.A.R.E. after seeing the impact his Dad had after teaching D.A.R.E. for 15 years in Perry Iowa. He looks forward to making the same impact on the youth in Greene County.
Officer Jeremy Tosh   Ottumwa Police Department

Officer Tosh began his law enforcement career in August of 2015 with the Ottumwa Police Department. Officer Tosh moved to the D.A.R.E. Instructor position in July of 2018, completing D.A.R.E. Officer Training in September of 2018. Officer Tosh will teach approximately 350 5th grade kids per year in 5 different schools in the city of Ottumwa. Officer Tosh got into D.A.R.E. as a result of having 5 kids of his own, 1 of which has cerebral palsy, using the platform to positively impact the lives of as many children as possible.

       Deputy Kyle Shores   Bremer County Sheriff's Office


Deputy Kyle Shores started his career in law enforcement in 2005.  He has been serving with the Bremer County Sheriff’s Office Since 2009 and completed D.A.R.E. Office Training in September of 2018.    Shores has begun teaching D.A.R.E. and will be teaching at 5 different schools throughout Bremer County next fall.  He enjoys camping, fishing, snowmobiling, and spending time with his wife and 3 children.

Officer David Dierks   Tipton Police Department

I began as a Reserve Officer for the Tipton Police Department in 2011. In June of 2016 I was hired as a full-time officer.

Prior to my law enforcement career, I was in ministry and served as a youth pastor, an associate pastor and in 2010 moved to Tipton to serve as lead pastor.

I made the transition to law enforcement to fulfill my dream of being a police officer. When I was asked by my Chief if I would like to teach the 5th grade D.A.R.E., I immediately said yes. I attended the D.A.R.E. instructor training, graduating in September 2017.  I am excited to be serving the community of Tipton and in the school as a D.A.R.E. Officer.

My wife, Lianna, and I have been married for over 24 years and have two grown children, Kyle and Megan, that we are extremely proud of. In my spare time I enjoy being with family and friends and we recently got a new puppy from the shelter that has lots of energy!

Officer Kaitlyn Overturf  Ottumwa Police Department

Officer Katlyn Overturf has been with the Ottumwa Police Department since August 2014. Officer Overturf has worked patrol and was previously the School Resource Officer for Evans Middle School from 2016-2019. Officer Overturf currently took over as the D.A.R.E. Instructor and completed the D.A.R.E Officer Training in September of 2019. Officer Overturf will be teaching approximately 400 5th grade students per year in 6 different schools in the City of Ottumwa. Officer Overturf is married, and has 3 sons and is expecting her 4th son at the end of January in 2020. Officer Overturf has enjoyed working with students and hopes to have a positive impact on them.

Officer Gary Kutcher   Oskaloosa Police Department

             Officer Kutcher began his career in law enforcement as a Military Policeman in the U.S. Army from 1985 to 1988. After leaving the Army, Officer Kutcher was hired by the Oskaloosa Police Department in 1989. Officer Kutcher was a D.A.R.E. instructor for nine years from the early 1990's until the early 2000's. The Oskaloosa P.D. created a School Resource Officer position and all D.A.R.E. responsibilities was given to the S.R.O. Officer Kutcher was named Oskaloosa's S.R.O. in 2017 to replace their retiring S.R.O. and D.A.R.E. Officer. Officer Kutcher is delighted to be working with the youth of Oskaloosa and to once again be an instructor of the D.A.R.E. program.


  Email: gary.kutcher@oskaloosaiowa.org


Deputy Willie Garrett     Woodbury County Sheriff's Office

Willie graduated from Wayne State College w Criminal Justice BA. I’ve served in Law Enforcement since 1999 and Currently working in Sioux City with the Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office since 2008.  I’m an Afghan veteran and served 16 years as an infantry Officer in the ARMY NG and currently transitioned to the Air National Guard as an Operations Officer in Security Forces for the 185th ARW.  Prior to becoming a DARE/SRO, I worked on the DEA Drug Task Force w K-9 Kota.  I’m currently the team leader for the WCSO SWAT team and will begin teaching DARE curriculum fall of 2018.

I have a beautiful wife of 19 years, my hobbies are a 17 year old son and 15 year old daughter.  I feel there is a need to educate our youth in a time when our society needs it most.  To give the children of our future positive role models and make them aware of what choices they will need to make to live long prosperous lives.  I’m excited for the experience!!                                                 Email:   wgarrett@woodburycountyiowa.gov

Sgt. Andrew Harris   Davenport Police Department


Sgt. Andrew Harris began his law enforcement career in 1997 with the Denison Police Department.   Sgt. Harris attended DARE Officer Training and began instructing DARE while serving in Denison.  In 2003 Sgt. Harris was hired by the Davenport Police Department.  Sgt. Harris instructs DARE in five schools.    Sgt. Harris believes the DARE program provides him the platform to create positive relationships with the youth of Davenport.

Email: p12221@ci.davenport.ia.us

Officer Tyson Rumley

Officer Rumley was hired by the Osceola Police Department in February of 2015. I was part of the 264th basic at ILEA and graduated in December of 2015. Prior to this, I received my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice at Des Moines Area Community College in 2009.

I graduated from the DARE Instructor Training in September of 2017. Starting this fall I will be teaching 6th grade students at Clarke Elementary School.

I have a wife and two kids and another to arrive in February. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and playing in my country music band.

Email: trumley@osceolaia.net

Officer Lilly Dunlop,  Norwalk Police Department

Officer Lilly Dunlop started in law enforcement in June of 2015 at the Norwalk Police Department. She graduated from ILEA in December of 2015 and recently completed the DARE training in September, go team red! Prior to becoming an officer she attended Sam Houston State University in Texas where she received her Bachelors in Criminal Justice and became a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. She is excited to teach the 5th graders of Norwalk with Officer Criswell. In her spare time she enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with family & friends.

Email: ldunlop@norwalk.iowa.gov

Officer Jayson Spurr,  Norwalk Police Department

Officer Jayson Spurr has been with the Norwalk Police Department since 2008.  I have been teaching D.A.R.E. since 2009,  In my spare time I enjoy sports, hunting, fishing, and spending time with family and friends.


Email: jspurr@norwalk.iowa.gov

Officer Brad Criswell, Norwalk Police Department
     Officer Brad Criswell is the DARE Officer and SRO for the Norwalk Police Department. He teaches over 200 5th grade students at the Lakewood Elementary School in Norwalk each year. He also teaches several other courses including additional safety classes, Law, and drug and alcohol awareness classes to students K-12.
     Officer Criswell has 20 years of Law Enforcement experience and has been teaching DARE since 2002. He attended DMACC where he studied Criminal Justice. He has served as the departments Defensive Tactics Instructor for the past 12 years. He is also Fit Force Certified and administers the Cooper PT testing for the department.
     Officer Criswell enjoys spending time with his family, watching his boys run track and cross country, and helping them show horses in 4-H. He serves as the VP of the Iowa Draft Horse Association and enjoys hobby farming and showing his Belgian Draft Horses.

Travis Hutzell   Sergeant Bluff PD
I have been in Law Enforcement since 2001. I started my career with the Woodbury County SO as a correctional officer and worked there for nine years. During that time, I was on the Woodbury CO Tactitcal/RISC Team. We assisted the Deputies on "SWAT" call outs and were the response team for the jail. I was also chosen to be one of the two correctional officers to be on the weapons of mass destruction team for the western third of Iowa.
I was hired by the Sioux City PD in 2010 and attended the I.L.E.A. ( Class 236 ).  The following year I was hired by the Sergeant Bluff PD where I have worked the past six years. My Chef approached me with the opportunity to become a D.A.R.E. Instructor while I was in the process of starting a K9 program for the Police Department. My Chief convinced me that this opportunity would be rewarding in more ways than one.
I enjoy spending my free time with family, wife and son. My son who is in the 1st Grade keeps me extremely busy as well as my wife's "Honey Do" list. I enjoy the outdoors and especially hunting when I get the chance.  Don't sale yourself short, All your dreams can come true so Dream BIG.
Email: hutzetra@sblschools.com
Matthew Stombaugh   Eldridge Police Department

I started with the Belle Plaine Police Department in November of 2011 and then after careful consideration took a Police Officer Position for the City of Eldridge Ia in 2015.  One of the reasons for moving was I wanted more opportunities to make a difference in the community around me.  My first exposure to D.A.R.E was helping Sergeant Andrew Harris with the Davenport Police Department teach it in our city’s elementary school.  I was able to see how D.A.R.E actually helped kids make smart and responsible decisions as well as build a good relationship with the police department.  I attended Dare Officer Training in September 2016 and now I’m teaching 6th Graders at Ed White Elementary School.


I have to say teaching D.A.R.E and being a part of helping our communities future is one of the best parts of my job.


Email: mstombaugh@cityofeldridgeia.org

Deputy Brian Anderson    Polk County Sheriff's Office


Deputy Anderson has been with the Polk County Sheriff's Office since 1998. In 2012 he was assigned to

Bondurant-Farrar schools as the school resource officer. This will be Deputy Anderson's 4th year as the D.A.R.E officer at the school. On Average deputy Anderson will teach the D.A.R.E curriculum to 450 - 500 students each year.

Email: Brian.Anderson@polkcountyiowa.gov
Officer Richard Fullmer      Dubuque Police Department


I started with the Dubuque Police Department in January 2012 and graduated from ILEA later that same year. Prior to moving to Dubuque I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and served in my hometown of Freeport, IL as an Auxiliary Officer.

     I attended Dare Officer Training in September, 2016- Go Team Red! -  and now I’m primarily teaching 6th graders in the Dubuque Community School District.

Email: Rfullmer@cityofdubuque.org

Sheriff Stewart Vander Stoep   Lyon County

Stewart Vander Stoep has been in Law Enforcement since 1984. He started on the Sioux Center Police Department while in college and began as a full time officer on the Rock Rapids Police Department in 1985.  In 1989 Vander Stoep joined the Lyon County Sheriff's Office and became Sheriff in 2013.  Sheriff Vander Stoep started teaching the D.A.R.E. program in 1995. He enjoys teaching the D.A.R.E. program as much now as he did when he first started and feels it a very rewarding part of his career.

Sheriff Vander Stoep lives in Doon with his wife Cindy and has three adult sons. 


Email is stewart.vanderstoep@lyoncountyia.com


Officer Todd Gehrke   Mount Vernon Police


Officer Gehrke became a Reserve Police Officer in 2002 and was hired by the Mount Vernon Police Department in 2003. In October of 2009, he completed DARE Officer Training and began teaching 5th and 7th Grades in January of 2010.

Prior to obtaining BA Degrees in Public Relations and Sociology from Coe College, Officer Gehrke served as a Hospital Corpsman in The United States Navy. In addition to teaching DARE, Officer Gehrke has responsibilities as an Instructor in Defensive Tactics, Rape Aggression Defense, A.L.I.C.E. and holds certifications as  a Child Passenger Safety Technician, Emergency Medical Technician, and Bike Patrol Officer. Many of Officer Gehrke’s off duty hours are spent enjoying time with his two daughters.  


Email: tgehrke@cityofmtvernon-ia.gov

Jeremy Burdess                 Jasper County Sheriff’s Office  Retired

Deputy Sara Jenaman  Dubuque County Sheriff's Office

Sara graduated from the Iowa law Enforcement Academy in 2004 and has been working for the Dubuque County Sheriff’s Office since August of 2005.  The highlight of my career was being selected as the D.A.R.E. Officer to take over for Sgt. Cruse, who was the first D.A.R.E. Officer for the department and had been teaching since.  I feel blessed to be in my 6th school year, and 5 years ago became the county’s first School Resource Officer.  It was the perfect combination to be able to continue to support my D.A.R.E. students and encourage them to make safe and responsible decisions as they move on to high school. 

Email: Sjenaman@dbqcosheriff.com

Deputy Tim Hungerford    Marshall County Sheriff's Office

     Deputy Tim Hungerford is the DARE Officer and SRO for the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office.  He teaches approximately 575 5th grade students at Marshalltown, East Marshall, West Marshall, GMG and St. Francis Catholic schools.  He also teaches the lower elementary curriculum to East Marshall schools. 

     Deputy Hungerford has 20 years of law enforcement experience and 3.5 years teaching experience in Marshalltown Community Schools.  He has a BA in Criminology & Elementary Education and a MA in Education.

     Deputy Hungerford has been a SFST instructor and Defensive Tactics instructor.  He is assigned the MCSO Traffic Unit.

     Deputy Hungerford has served on the Iowa DARE Officer’s Association Board since 2005, as central representative and President, hosting the 2010 D.A.R.E. Iowa Conference in Marshalltown.

     Deputy Hungerford enjoys spending time with his family, coaching his kids’ athletic teams, and exercising.  He loves his family trips to the National DARE Conferences and family road trips to our national parks.

Email: thungerford@co.marshall.ia.us
Officer Jason Hoerner

Officer Hoerner has been with the Dubuque Police Dept. since 2002 and worked patrol until 2011. In 2012 Officer Hoerner was selected to fill an SRO position.  Jason attended the Iowa DARE Officers Training in 2008 and has been teaching DARE for the past 8 years. Jason is also a CPR/AED Instructor for the Dubuque Police Department and assists with the departments Explorer Post.


Email: Jason Hoerner   Jhoerner@cityofdubuque.org

Deputy Josh Brittton  Jasper County Sheriff's Office

My name is Josh Britton, I am currently a patrol deputy (50-26) for the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office. I was hired to be a deputy in June of 2009. In Sept. 2011, I attended DARE Officer Training (DOT) School. DARE is being taught by the Sheriff’s Office in all of the county schools, not including Newton Schools. I currently teach at the Baxter Community Schools and Lynnville-Sully Community Schools, where I get to interact with some amazing teachers, administration, and most of all, KIDS!! Shortly after I started to be a DARE instructor, I started to gather some of the other instructor positions that I serve as at the Sheriff’s Office, those instructor positions include; ASP Baton, Handcuffing, and Defensive Tactics. I also serve as an AR-15 Rifle Armorer, and as a nationally certified EMT with the newly formed Jasper County Sheriff’s Office EMS program which is formed by a group of deputies which are medically trained to assist in emergency medical calls.

Email: Josh Britton     jbritton@jaspersheriff.org
Cascade Police Chief Fred Heim

Chief Fred Heim has been working in Law Enforcement since 1986.  He has 30 years of experience working mostly with small town police agencies and has been teaching DARE for the past 18 years.  The first twenty years were spent in southwestern Wisconsin where he worked for the Cuba City and Hazel Green Police Departments as a full-time officer.  He also worked part-time for the Grant County and Lafayette County Sheriff’s Offices.  He became the Chief of Police for the Cascade Police Department in 2006.  He has had a variety of roles in law enforcement, but the majority of his career has been focused on working with youth and juveniles both in and out of the school setting.

Fred has attended several training sessions out of state including attending classes at the Center for Missing and Exploited Children and New Mexico Technical College.  He belongs to several organizations in Iowa, including LEIN and the Iowa DARE Officers Association.  He is a current and active member of JCERT (Jones County Emergency Response Team).


Fred has been married to his wife Beth for 27 years.  They have three children Jacob, 25 who just graduated with a degree in criminal Justice.  Nathan, 22, who will graduate this summer with a degree in Social Work, and Nicholas, 17 who is a Senior at Cascade High School. Fred also has a small business as a farrier and has worked with clients horses. He is shown leading a parade recently on his personal horse, they have been in over 100 parades together.  Email: cpd@netins.net
Officer Ringo Covert   West Burlington Police

In February of 2003 I joined the West Burlington Police Department and began working as a patrol officer. I take a lot of pride in being a member of the Law Enforcement Community and serving our citizens.

In September 2012 I completed my training to become a DARE Officer.   Teaching DARE to the West Burlington Schools 5th graders has been a very challenging and rewarding experience for me.   With the support of the school staff, West Burlington Business’s and West Burlington City Officials; DARE graduation is a special day of celebration for our 5th grade DARE graduates. 

Have a Great Day in America!                             Email is:  covertr@westburlington.org

I’m Deputy Robert Juarez and I have been with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office since 2010. Before my law enforcement career I served our great nation in the military. I began teaching DARE in 2014 and love every minute of it. I teach DARE to over 250 kids every year throughout my County. Building successful relationships with the community is our number one goal at the Sheriff’s Office.

Email: robertjuarez@leecounty.org  

BEST JOB EVER  Lt. Craig Alexander

I'm Lt. Craig Alexander and have been with the Oskaloosa Police Department since 1988.  I have been teaching DARE since 1990.  I'm also the SRO, spending most of my time at the schools interacting with the kids which I throughly enjoy. Best job ever!

Email: Craig.Alexander@oskaloosaiowa.org

Mike Lammers begins his 21st year of DARE for the Butler County Sheriff’s Office, having started in 1997.  Deputy Lammers teaches approx. 210 to 220 5th grade students in the Aplington-Parkersburg, Clarksville, Dike-New Hartford, and North Butler school districts. Deputy Lammers estimates he has taught approximately 4500 students in Butler County the 5th and 6th grade curriculum.  Deputy Lammers recently began teaching the lower elementary curriculum to North Butler schools as a pilot program for his other schools and anticipates adding it to the other schools in the future.  Deputy Lammers is also an SRO for the Butler County Sheriff’s Office and enjoys spending as much time as he can working with middle and high school students.  In his spare time he enjoys sports, fishing, hunting, and spending time with family and friends.

Email: mike@butlercoiowa.org

Gary Bellinghausen     Carroll Police Department


I have been a police officer for 26 years.  I started my career with the Lake City Police Department in 1990 and I have been with the Carroll Police Department since 1999.  I started teaching the D.A.R.E. Program in 2000 and have been actively involved on D.A.R.E.  Iowa Board, serving many years as the northwest representative.  I have held the positions of 2nd Vice President, 1st Vice President and President, hosting the D.A.R.E Iowa Conference in 2014 in Carroll, Iowa.

I was promoted to sergeant in the spring of 2016 in charge of investigations and public relations.  I currently am the Treasurer for D.A.R.E. Iowa Board, elected to the position at the 2016 Conference.



Sheriff Bill Wolfgram took the office of Sheriff of Buchanan County in 2005.  He has been in law enforcement in Buchanan County since 1989.  Since 1991 he has taught D.A.R.E and has been a board member of the Iowa D.A.R.E. Association since 1992 serving as Secretary of the IDOA.  Hobbies include fishing and he is a licensed pilot.  Bill Retired in January 2021

Tom Daubs is the Marion Police DARE officer.  He has been with the Marion Police Department since 1995 and was selected to replace their original DARE officer (Jim Teahen) who retired in 2013.  After attending the DARE Officer Training class in 2012, Tom immediately realized just how impactful his role has on today's youth.  Bringing a uniformed police presence to almost 800 5th and 6th graders per year is an absolutely amazing honor for him.  Having the chance to introduce himself to 28 classes of DARE students each school year as  "Officer Tom" and to initiate positive police encounters is the most beneficial part of his interactions.  In addition to teaching the DARE curriculum, he is also the department's full time School Resource Officer.  Throughout his career, he has been awarded such collateral assignments as Field Training Officer,  Hostage Negotiator, Crime Scene Technician, Bike Patrol Officer, and CPR/AED instructor.  Officer Daubs is also a member of the Honor Guard unit and in 2013, was awarded with an Outstanding Service Recognition.  Becoming a DARE officer was the ultimate game changer for Tom and continues to redefine his rewarding law enforcement career.

Email: 142@marionpolice.com

Kyle Van Otterloo, Spencer Police Department

I am currently a Lieutenant on the Spencer Police Department.  I started on the police department back in 2001.  I have been teaching DARE since 2008.

Email: kvanotterloo@spenceriowacity.com
Officer Rick LaGue, Osage Police Department. Rick served as President of the IDOA from 2015-2016 and will continue to serve as Past President on the Board.

 Email: rlague@osagepd.org

Officer Brandon Gravett     Ottumwa Police Department

I’ve been working for the Ottumwa Police Department since 2004.  I became a DARE instructor in 2008.  Over the eight years that I have been a DARE instructor, I was able to help the Ottumwa DARE program and the community by raising money through a haunted house.  The haunted house was called “Nightmare on 3rd Street” and helped fund the DARE programs pizza party, bowling party, school supplies, and prizes for all the students, as well as gave the community a fun, safe, activity to do during the Halloween Holiday.

Email: gravettb@ci.ottumwa.ia.us

Officer Jerome Hill started with the Perry Police Department May 13, 2002. Jerome is a Detective Sergeant and has been teaching the DARE program for the past 18 years

Email is: Jerome.hill@perryiapolice.com

Deputy Richard Hollenbeck

I have been in law enforcement since 1997.  I started as a reserve officer for the Decorah Police and Winneshiek County Sheriff in 1997.  In 2000 I started full time for the Cresco Police Department.  I have worked in agencies for both Iowa and Minnesota.  In January 2014 I became employed by the Howard County Sheriff’s Department.  I attended the DARE officer’s training in Des Moines in September of 2014.  I began teaching DARE at Riceville Community Schools, Notre Dame Elementary, and Holy Trinity Elementary in the winter of 2014.  I added Howard Winneshiek schools in Cresco in the fall of 2015 and currently teach DARE to 5th and 6th grades at all four schools.  I am a graduate of Howard Winneshiek School and am proud to teach DARE and be teaching at my alma mater.


Email: rhollenbeck@co.howard.ia.us

Officer Ross Eiden of the Forest City Police Department has been an officer in Forest City for 4 years. Officer Eiden is the department’s Canine Officer with his partner Kona and has been teaching DARE for 3 years. 

Email: reiden@fcpolice.org

Police Chief Lisa Kepford  Tipton Police Department

Lisa currently serves as the Chief of Police in Tipton, IA. She has been in Law Enforcement for 11 years and has been teaching DARE for the past 5 years.

Teaching DARE is the best part of my job. I enjoy seeing the kids throughout the school year and getting to know them. I teach DARE to 5th and 7th graders, which gives me the opportunity to watch the kids grow.

 Lisa Kepford #501  Email: lkepford@tiptonpd.org