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2023  Iowa  DOT  #44
Dates:  Sept. 17th - 28th, 2023
MCTC @ Camp Dodge -  Johnston,Iowa
This class is limited to 15 applicants.
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2022 Iowa DOT #42
Sept. 18th -29th, 2022
Camp Dodge, MCTC
2022 Iowa DOT #41
April 24th-May 5th, 2022
Camp Dodge, MCTC

2021 Iowa DOT #40
September 12th-23rd, 2021

2021 Iowa DOT Training, #39
DARE Iowa hosted Dare Officer Training (DOT) in partnership with the MCTC April 18th-29th, 2021 at Camp Dodge. We had 8 states represented for the training at Camp Dodge. Plans are underway to host the 40th DARE Iowa Training in September 2021. 

Iowa DOT #38    October 11th - 22nd, 2020
Iowa DOT #37    September 8th - 20th, 2019
Iowa DOT #36  September 16th - September 28th, 2018
Iowa DOT #35   August 20th - September 1st, 2017
DARE Iowa in partnership with the MCTC will host our 35th DOT beginning August 20th, 2017 at Camp Dodge.  We are pleased to announce the class is full.  Dan Peak will facilitate the training and be joined by Mentors: Ken Brodrick, Tim Felton, and Terry Dehmlow.

Iowa DOT 35 Team Assignments
Red Terry
William Ottoway Mineral Point Police, Wis
Willie Garrett Woodbury County SO, Iowa
Lilly Dunlop Norwalk Police, Iowa
James Watts Alamogordo Police, NM
Darrell Wilson Forest County SO, Wis
Jennifer Foster Brooklyn Park, MN
Green  Tim
Matthew Menard Deleware County SO, Iowa
Thomas Oberman Lee County SO, Iowa
Jamie Tilson Phelps County SO, NE
Herbert Moon Le Sueur County SO, MN
Tyson Rumley Osceola Police, Iowa
Brittney Schweigl Manitowoc County SO, Wis

Blue Dan
Lance Anderson Storm Lake Police, Iowa
Gary Kutcher Oskaloosa Police, Iowa
Stacia Nelson Wahoo Police, Ne
Jacob Glaser Two Rivers, Wi
Daniel Narvaez Alamogordo Police, NM
Abigail Christian Shawnee County SO, Kansas

Orange Ken
Cory Whitaker Des Moines County SO, Iowa
Jason Holman Nebraska City Police, NE
Cody McKnight Shawnee County SO, Kansas
Tiffany Whinery Dickinson Police, ND
David Dierks Tipton Police, Iowa
Joe Nichols Oshkosh Police, Wi

DARE Officer Training ( DOT )

On September 23rd  DARE Iowa graduated 18 new DARE Officers from the 34th DARE Iowa DOT.  This years entire class had an exceptional first week meeting all the standards and objectives to continue on to week #2. The training team has commented on how hard working they have been and their attitude has made it an easy class to train. Most important is the fact that "ALL" in attendance seem to be here for the right reason...."The KIDS".  Week #2 went just as well and all Officers after completing their lesson presentations meeting the objectives once again, they were then allowed to visit the school in Norwalk. This was an excellent school to work with, Principal, office staff and especially the teachers were extremely helpful. They took time to critique the presentations and offered constructive comments that will be put to good use when they return home. Thanks to all the staff at the Lakewood Elementary School in Norwalk, Iowa. You really ROCK!

Congratulations to all the new DARE OFFICERS