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V.P. JD Holmes,  Hardin County Sheriffs Office

JD has been a police officer/deputy for almost 30 years beginning with New Hampton as a police officer in 1987 and leaving there to go to the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office in 1995.  At Hardin County JD started as a deputy and then to Sgt. and currently serves as the Chief Deputy.  JD became certified as a Dare Officer on March 2, 1990 and will be starting his 27th year as an instructor this fall.  He currently teach 5th grade Dare in the Iowa Falls, Alden, Radcliffe, Roland Story, BCLUW, and Eldora schools.  He also teaches the Jr. High curriculum in Roland Story and South Hardin and  the k-3rd in Iowa Falls, Alden, Eldora, and Radcliffe.

Chief Deputy J.D. Holmes
Hardin County Sheriff’s Office
1116 14th Ave.
Eldora, IA 50627
641-939-8189 FAX 641-939-8249
e-mail jholmes@hardincountyia.gov