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President Rick Fullmer


January 2019

D.A.R.E. Officers

Iowa D.A.R.E. Association Members


Greetings everyone and happy New Year,  


I hope the school year is going well for all of you. This is turning out to be the year of the vaporizer if you ask me. We have our work cut out for us in that area- everyday there are more and more questions about vaping devices and use. Sadly, more questions than answers at this point. You know more than anyone that a lot of adult substance use disorders can be traced to substance use during adolescence. In fact, Columbia University released a study in 2011 that said that 90% of Americans who meet the medical criteria for addiction started smoking, drinking, or using other drugs before age 18. Then in 2012 consumer groups organized the first World Vaping Day and touted the products as an acceptable “[but not 100% safe]” alternative to smoking cigarettes. And you know where the trajectory has gone since then. Monitoring The Future just released their 2018 stats and substance use among 8,10, and 12th graders is down in nearly every category except for…you guessed it- vaping and marijuana use.

For some reason, I have a sense of urgency to share this information with students, teachers, and parents. I guess I’m crazy enough to believe in D.A.R.E.’s vision that is “A world in which students everywhere are empowered to respect others and choose to lead lives free from violence, substance abuse, and other dangerous behaviors.”

What we do matters. We need to have the latest research, the best training, and the motivation to return day after day, with all that in mind, I presented this year’s theme to the IDOA board and it was approved. “D.A.R.E.; To make a difference.”  

So, on behalf of the Iowa D.A.R.E. Officers Association I would like to invite you all to Dubuque for our annual conference. This year’s conference will be held at the Holiday Inn Dubuque at 450 Main St. Dubuque, Iowa on July 14th through the 16th. Topics that will be presented at his year’s conference; Leadership, Education, and Preparedness and of course medical marijuana and CBD oil.  

Our keynote speaker on Monday the 15th will be Lt. Colonel Thomas Tuggle, the Director of the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officer’s Training Academy. Director Tuggle was highly recommended after he presented at the National D.A.R.E. conference in Orlando last year and he tells me that this will be his first-time visiting Iowa so we’re glad to have him.

I am still working out the details for our other presenters and as things become finalized I will send that information to you.

If there is anything that you would like brought up to the board please get ahold of your regional representative or me and have it added to the agenda. The next board meeting is scheduled for February 1st. Also, please be thinking about your nominations for D.A.R.E. officer, Educator, and Volunteer of the year. Those names should be submitted to Vice President Jeremy Burdess by May 1st.


Thank You All,

Rick Fullmer

President, Iowa DARE Officer’s Association


                        IDA General Membership Meeting

June 20th. 2017 Minutes of the IDA

                                     LeMars Convention Center, LeMars, Iowa


Meeting was called to order by President King at 1010 hrs.


D.A.R.E. Iowa – Terry Dehmlow advised membership theneed to do pre and post tests.  6,500 took tests.  Had 11,000 take Core Program.  Last year had 13,880 shirts ordered.  Can order t-shirts for teachers and aids.  Can order a few extras but not 10% or more.


*DOT- August 20th. - Sept. 1st. 2017- Camp Dodge

*Mike Lein has resigned effective end of August.

*D.A.R.E. America hiring three new regional coordinators.

*D.A.R.E. America curriculum.


President King opened general membership meeting at 1108 hrs.


Gerry Bellinghausen advised membership that there was $5,416.16 in the account as of meeting date.  Motion- Rick LaGue    Second Kyle Otterloo to approve Treasurers Report.  No Opp.


President King discussed the updating of the IDA by Laws.  Passed out copies to membership.   Motion- Rich Hallenbeck   Second- Sara Jenamen  to accept bylaws as presented.  No Opp.




*Presented winners of the poster contest:

BEST MESSAGE- Megan ?   Marshall Co. SO

MOST CREATIVE- Jairo Goemz- Marshall Co. SO

BEST OVERALL : Saydai Roling- Clinton Co SO

NEATNESS:  Aliya Soibel-  Clinton Co SO


President King called regional meetings at 1125 hrs.  Called back to order 1132 hrs.


NORTHEAST: JD Holmes- Harding Co. SO


NORTHWEST/ SOUTHWEST: Brandon Trapp- Clear Lake PD


CENTRAL:  Tim Hungerford- Marshall Co. SO


SOUTHEAST:  Lisa Kepford- Tipton PD


1st. VP- Rick Fullmer(Dubuque PD), Nominated by Tim Felton.  Motion for nominations to cease- Motion- Gary Bellinghausen     Second- Sara Jenamen


2nd. VP- Jeremy Burdess (Jasper Co. SO) Nominated by Ian Windfield


               Kyle Van Otterloo (Spencer PD) Nominated by Brandon Trapp


Motion for nominations to cease- Gary Bellinghausen   Second- Jay King


Paper ballot cast:  Winner Rick Fullmer     Motion by Gary Bellinghausen to destroy ballots- Second Terry Dehmlow.


D.A.R.E. Iowa Board- JD Holmes (Hardin Co SO) Nominated by Jay King

Motion for nominations to cease-Jay King    Second- Rick LaGue


Secretary- Bill Wolfgram (Buchanan Co. SO) Nominated by Tim Felton

Motion by Rick LaGue for nominations to cease   second- Tim Felton


Treasurer- Gary Bellinghausen (Carroll PD)   Nominated by Rick LaGue

Motion by Jay King for nominations to cease    Second-Lisa Kepford


Sgt. at Arms- Kyle Van Otterloo (Spencer PD) Nominated by Sara Jenamen

Motion by JD Homes for nominations to cease  Second-Rick LaGue


Jay King swore in new IDA President Sara Hendrickson.


President Hendrickson presented outgoing president a plaque of appreciation.


President Hendrickson entertained a motion to adjourn at 1200 hrs.  Motion JD Holmes   Second- Rick LaGue      No Opp.



Respectfully Submitted:


Bill Wolfgram- IDA Secretary

We hope to see you all next summer in Decorah.