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President Jay King
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January 2017


D.A.R.E. Officers

Iowa D.A.R.E. Association Members


I would like to take this opportunity to invite you and your families to LeMars for the 2017 Iowa D.A.R.E. Training Conference which will be held June 18, 19, and 20, 2017.  Plans for the event have been moving along and I would like to share with you some of the things we have lined up.


On Sunday night we will have a catered meal held at the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor in downtown LeMars.  Following the meal we will have an Ice Cream Social and entertainment provided by the Amazing Arthur.  Arthur will provide approximately 60 minutes of interactive, comedy mentalism entertainment appropriate for families.


So……..Good food……….Blue Bunny Ice Cream………..and entertainment.  Fun for the whole family.


On Monday we will have a full day of classes.  In the morning we will have Scott Harvey.  Scott puts on a program called “I am someone” in which he will speak on topics that our teens are struggling with today.  Pornography, social media, human trafficking and abuse.  Scott has presented at the International D.A.R.E. Conference.


In the afternoon we will have Dennis Debbaudt.  Dennis has an autistic son and is a national speaker/trainer in Autism and Law Enforcement interaction.  Debbaudt comes to us from the Autism Society of Iowa who is funding a speaking trip around Iowa for Law Enforcement.


Work is continuing on the schedule for Tuesday morning but hopefully we will have a program on Domestic Sex Trafficking. 


As always, we have some members who make the training conference a part of their summer vacation.  I would like to also invite you to come early.  Starting Wednesday June 14 and running through Saturday June 17, we are holding our annual Ice Cream Days Celebration.  During the week we have 3 on 3 basketball downtown, arts and crafts in the park, music in the park, Root Beer floats and watermelon feed at the museum and the largest parade in Plymouth County and of course, ICE CREAM.


Please register as soon as possible so we can get a count on who will be attending.

DARE Day for Iowa will be held on April 6th, 2017 at the Wallace Building in Des Moines beginning at

10:00 a.m.




Jay King


Iowa D.A.R.E. Association

President Jay King


Iowa D.A.R.E Training Conference 2016



The Iowa D.A.R.E. Training Conference was held in Osage Iowa on June 26, 27, and 28, 2016.  Our host and then President Rick Lague, did a fantastic job. 


On Sunday night we had a great meal and a program presented by Amy Ring with Prairie Ridge Integrated Behavioral Healthcare.  Amy spoke about “Vaping: Nicotine/tobacco and marijuana concentrates.  We received lots of information that we can pass on to parents and students about the abuses of nicotine and marijuana by Vaping.


On Monday morning we met at the Milton R Owen Nature Center in Osage.  Everyone in attendance thought the meeting room was spectacular with all the displays.  The classes on Monday were presented by Greg Young.  Greg Young is the Head Chaplain and Critical Incident Stress Debriefer for the Germantown Police Department.  In addition Greg is an International Law Enforcement Education Training Association Trainer. He is also a chaplain for the FBI in Wisconsin. In addition Greg is a crisis responder for various agencies, providing Critical Incident Stress Debriefings and follow-up care where needed. Greg also has provided training for the Milwaukee Police Officer Support Team, the Brown County Sheriff’s Department Peer Support Team, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Department Debriefing Team, the Whitewater, Wisconsin Police Department Peer Support Team, and others.  Greg’s programs on How to Foster Resilience for Law Enforcement and How to Talk to People in Crisis was eye opening.


Several awards were given out at the Monday luncheon.


Deputy Tim Felton, Winneshiek County Sheriffs Office introduced Anna Holthaus from South Winneshiek School.  Anna’s essay was picked as the winner for this years essay contest.  Anna read her essay and received a standing ovation.


Three other essay’s were chosen for Honorable Mention.


Ansel Ramirez              Hampton/Dumont school                      Chief Robert Schaefer, Hampton PD

Meredith Stree t           Osage Middle School                           Officer Rick LaGue, Osage PD

Kennady Donovan        Central Intermediate School                  Deputy Stacey Bussie, Clintion Co


5 Star Teacher Award. Winner- Lisa Foster (Lynnville-Sully Elementary) Nominated by Deputy Josh Britton- Jasper Co. SO

Peer Recognition Award. Winner- Kyle VanOtterIoo, Spencer PD. Nominated by Amy Thompson (Lincoln Elem., Spencer, Iowa)

Life Time Achievement. Winners-

Sgt. Gary Bellinghausen, Carroll PD. Nominated by Kathi MilliganO K-8 Assistance Principal (Kuemper Catholic School, Carroll, Iowa) and Chief Brad Burke, Carroll PD.

Deputy Brian Ricklefs- Humboldt Co. SO. Nominated by Donald Hasenkamp- Principal (Twin Rivers, Bode, Iowa)

Dan Brown- Cedar Falls PD. Nominated by Jay King, Lemars PD.

Jay King- Lemars PD Nominated by Mary Boehmer and Benji Kasel (Franklin Elem., Lemars, Iowa) and Deb Anthony (Clark Elem., Lemars, Iowa)

Special recognition to Vern Vacek.  Vern has been teaching D.A.R.E. for over 25 years and has been our Treasurer for many years.  Vern had planned on retiring next year but decided to retire at the end of this year instead.

On Tuesday we had a presentation by Eagle Ridge Tactical on School Assessment/Case Study with an update from D.A.R.E. America by Regional Rep Mike Lein.



            IDA General Membership Meeting

                  June 28th. 2016, Osage, Iowa


Meeting was called to order by President LaGue at 1120 hrs.


Presented years of teaching D.A.R.E. Awards to general membership.


Members broke up into regions to discuss reps and board nominations.


NE-  JD Holmes- Hardin Co. SO


SE-  Lisa Kepford- Tipton PD


Central- Tim Hungerford- Marshall Co. SO


NW- John Bauer- Storm Lake PD


SW- John Bauer- Storm Lake PD



President LaGue entertained nominations for the following positions.


2nd. VP

Nomination- Jeremy Bess for Josh Britton (Jasper Co- Newton)      Nominations cease- Jay King   Second- Gary Bellinghausen.



Nomination- Jay King for Gary Bellinghausen        Nominations cease- Jay King   Second- Shayne O’Brian.



Nomination- Gary Bellinghausen for Bill Wolfgram      Nomination cease- Jay King   Second- Gary Bellinghausen.


Sgt. at Arms-

Nomination- Robert Schaffer for Rich Hollenbach- Howard County.

Nomination- Jay King for Kyle Van Otterloo

Written ballot was then cast with winner- Kyle Van Otterloo.

Nominations cease and destroy ballots- Gary Bellinghausen  Second-Jay King.  Membership all in favor.




Poster Winners-


Best Overall- Hailey Eitzenhefer (Buchanan Co. SO)

Best Message- Jaylyn Jensen  (Buchanan Co. SO)

Neatness- Danelis  (?)     (Clinton Co. SO)

Most Creative- Logan Budde-  (Clinton Co. SO)


President LaGue swore in 2016-2017 IDA President Jay King at 1216 hrs.

President King swore in the 2016-2017 IDA Board.  1217 hrs.


Interim D.A.R.E. Iowa Coordinator Terry Dehmlow advised the following.

1)    Funding is about $3,000 less this year.   Need to watch that a member does not order more shirts than needed.     New D.A.R.E. Iowa website will be coming out soon.  Demonstrated website to membership.     Importance of sending in the pre and post test results.  State needs the stats.

4)    Next Elementary DOT- Sept. 12th-23rd., 2016.  Des Moines, Iowa.

5)    Youth Advisory Board

6)    D.A.R.E. Day at the capitol.  Working on 2nd. Thursday in April 2017.



1)    President King asked the membership for input on the changes to the awards.   Membership advised liked changes.

2)    Invoices being sent out in January of each year.  Membership advised to continue doing.  Question was brought up if dues should be increased.  Membership advised to leave at $50.00.


President King called for  further OLD BUSINESS and there was none.



1)    Working on IDA Facebook cite.

2)    2017 IDA Conference – June 25th-27th, 2017.  Theme-“D.A.R.E. To DREAM”

3)    Lisa Kepford-  presented idea to have the last day of the conference have a school spirit day- wear school colors of schools teach D.A.R.E. at.  Membership advised good idea.


President King called for further NEW BUSINESS and there was none.


President King entertained a motion to adjourn at 1235 hrs.  Motion- Gary Bellinghausen   Second- Rick LaGue.


Next IDA Board meeting dates:   Will be at 1100 hrs. (Fridays) at the Iowa Falls PD


Oct. 7th. 2016

Dec. 2nd. 2016

Feb. 3rd. 2017 (Joint Meeting with D.A.R.E. Iowa Board)

April 7th. 2017




Respectfully Submitted:


Bill Wolfgram- IDA Secretary



We hope to see you all next summer in LeMars.